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Tanks with blazing guns, armoured convoys patrol Peking

June 3, 2009

By Guy Dinmore
5 June 1989
Reuters News

PEKING, June 5, Reuter – Convoys of tanks and armoured vehicles patrolled Peking early on Monday, a day after an army assault against anti-government demonstrators in which more than 1,000 people may have been killed.

Ten tanks and 16 armoured troop carriers firing machineguns rumbled from central Tiananmen Square, the centre of seven weeks of student-led protests, along the capital’s Avenue of Eternal Peace for two miles (three km) on Sunday night to Peking’s main embassy district and then returned.

“It must be to keep people inside,” said a Western diplomat living in the area.

 Two other convoys of troops in trucks and jeeps toured the narrow streets of the embassy quarter, letting off occasional shots. Continues

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