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Blueprint sees Kosovo as ward of EU

January 26, 2007 Leave a comment

By Guy Dinmore in Washington and Mark Turner at the United Nations
Published: January 26 2007

The special UN envoy charged with negotiating the future status of the Serbian province of Kosovo plans to submit his compromise recommendations on Friday, with Nato peacekeepers braced for a backlash from ethnic Albanians demanding full independence.

Martti Ahtisaari, a former Finnish president, has already disclosed that his proposal “foresees strong international civilian and military presences within a broader future international engagement in Kosovo”.

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US evangelists ‘join campaign to keep Kosovo within Serbia’

October 5, 2006 Leave a comment

By Guy Dinmore in Washington

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, outspoken and influential televangelists in the US, are joining forces with Serbia’s Christian Orthodox church to campaign against independence for the mainly Muslim province of Kosovo, according to the spiritual leader of the Serb minority there.

Bishop Artemije, the most senior Orthodox cleric in Kosovo, said the two Christian broadcasters had promised to alert their followers and exert their influence.

“They point out that they have friends at the highest level of government and will urge them to help us so that Kosovo remains in the borders of Serbia,” he said. Read more…

US backs Kosovo incentives for Serbs

January 29, 2006 Leave a comment

By Guy Dinmore in Washington

Published: January 29 2006

The US yesterday made the case for offering Serbia incentives to reach agreement in negotiations over the final status of Kosovo, while setting out the possibility of independence for the province if the ethnic Albanian majority accepted compromises to accommodate its Serbian minority.

Nicholas Burns, undersecretary of state, told a Senate hearing the US was neither championing independence nor autonomy for Kosovo. But diplomats said his testimony was a clear signal the US looked favourably on independence, under certain conditions.

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The battle for Kosovo moves to the corridors of US power

December 2, 2005 Leave a comment

By Guy Dinmore
Published: December 2 2005

From the muddy fields and torched villages of Kosovo six years ago, the struggle of its Albanian majority for independence from Serbia is moving to the political battlegrounds of Washington.

Although Martti Ahtisaari, the special United Nations envoy and former Finnish president, launched his shuttle diplomacy in the Balkans last week in a bid to negotiate a final settlement, all sides recognise the critical importance of lobbying the US now that the Bush administration has decided it will actively push the process to a resolution.

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US seeks timetable for talks on Kosovo

May 18, 2005 Leave a comment

Financial Times, UK, May 18, 2005
By Guy Dinmore in Washington

The Bush administration pressed yesterday for a quick timetable to open international negotiations that would settle the status of Kosovo and allow US troops to leave the Balkans.

“We and our allies are entering a new stage in our policy towards the Balkans, one that will accelerate the region’s integration into the European family and Euro-Atlantic institutions,” Nicholas Burns, undersecretary of state, told Congress. Read more…

Trying times: after two years and 300 witnesses, harsh lessons emerge from the prosecution of Slobodan Milosevic

February 19, 2004 Leave a comment

By Guy Dinmore and Nikki Tait, Financial Times
Published: Feb 19, 2004

For a trial dogged by delays, yesterday’s news was almost inevitable. Slobodan Milosevic, the ex-president of Yugoslavia who stands accused on 66 separate counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, has again fallen ill. Prosecutors, who had hoped to rest their case at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia this afternoon, will have to wait until next week.

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July 1, 1999 Leave a comment

Less than a kilometre away from where Canadian troops kept them under high-tech surveillance, obstructive Russian troops were engaged in the most serious eyeball-to-eyeball standoff between Moscow’s and NATO’s forces for half a century. In a nearby ethnic Albanian village, survivors told of a gruesome massacre by Serb forces. Everywhere were signs of the human tragedy caused by the conflict in Kosovo. As they passed their first week in the tortured Yugoslav province, Canadian peacekeepers had quickly become immersed in the tricky and often heart-wrenching complexities of ending a messy Balkan war. Read more…