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BP set for deep-water drilling off Libya

July 24, 2010 Leave a comment

By Guy Dinmore and Eleonora de Sabata in Rome, Published: July 23 2010

BP oil well near LibyaBP will start deep-water drilling off the coast of Libya within weeks in  spite of concerns about the UK group’s environmental and safety record after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.

The move comes as BP faces increased scrutiny over its acquisition of rights to a big oil and gas field off the African coast three years ago, a subject that overshadowed the visit of David Cameron, UK prime minister, to Washington this week.

At 1,700 metres below sea-level in Libya’s Gulf of Sirte, the well will be 200 metres deeper than the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico which triggered the worst US offshore oil spill disaster when the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, killing 11 people.

“Drilling will start within a few weeks,” BP confirmed. Read more…


Bush urges Malta to sign up to security pact

October 4, 2005 Leave a comment

by Guy Dinmore in Washington

Published: October 4 2005

When the president of the world’s superpower meets the prime minister of the European Union’s smallest member, what do they talk about?

“Terrorism,” says Malta’s Lawrence Gonzi after a 40-minute meeting with President George W. Bush, joined by Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state, and Stephen Hadley, national security advisor. Read more…